English Fluency Course

Learn the best success strategies to improve your speaking confidence.


  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 14 Fluency Building PDFs
  • 3 Free eBooks

Language: English

Instructors: Khushi Singh

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Why this course?


This intelligently designed course will help you speak English fluently, confidently, and easily. In this course, internationally-certified communication coach Khushi Singh will help break some of the limiting beliefs and myths surrounding the whole process of English Language learning.

Course Highlights

  • Speak English confidently and fluently on a wide range of everyday conversation themes.
  • Expand your English Language knowledge by effectively using essential words and phrases embedded within the course
  • Build your English-Speaking skills naturally by practicing impromptu speaking challenges
  • Improve overall listening skills by step-by-step learning and imbibing each lesson delivered by the master coach


Course Requirement


  • The learner should be motivated to improve English fluency and overall English language skills.
  • One should have basic knowledge of grammar terms and concepts to understand the value of each lesson.

Course Curriculum

Course Trailer (1:00)
01 Introduction (2:00) Preview
02 Find Your Motivation (2:00)
Motivation Worksheet (1 pages)
03 Myths about Language Learning (3:00)
04. The Correct Definition of Fluency (1:00)
Fluency Definition - 4 Questions (1 pages)
05 Foundation (4:00)
Essential Spoken English Words (11 pages)
Basics of English Pronunciation (14 pages)
Essential Phrasal Verbs (4 pages)
Commonly Confused Words (6 pages)
06 Working on the basics (5:00)
Binomials Expressions (8 pages)
Book List for Better Fluency (2 pages)
07 How to Practice Speaking (6:00)
Impromptu (2 pages)
Conversation Topics to Practice Speaking (2 pages)
08 Parroting (2:00)
Movie Dialogues & Quotations (6 pages)
09 The Power of Anecdotes (5:00)
6 Cs of Communication (1 pages)
10 Asking questions and answering (4:00)
Asking Questions in English to improve fluency (5 pages)
11 Creating your own environment
12 Knowledge and fluent communication (6:00)
eBook - Functional Grammar (23 pages)
eBook - Everyday English Conversations (84 pages)
eBook - Collocations Dictionary (144 pages)
Case Studies of Our Students (5 pages)

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